The third year

Third Year (June 2013 – June 2014)

Based on the evaluation and selection of indicators during a workshop held in Riga (LV), November 2013, it has been decided to structure the Pilot Programme in testing a harmonization programme for sustained observation of the flora and fauna of selected marine habitats (hard-substrate, soft-sediment and the pelagic). The EMBOS Pilot Programme will provide poof of concept of the EMBOS approach, and can be used to evaluate the feasibility of the use of  multi-metric indicators based on species abundance lists for the monitoring  of marine biodiversity at several spatial (national – regional – pan European) scales.

The fieldwork will be used to carry out some specific Pilot Studies as well (food web studies),

The fieldwork for this programme will be carried out in spring 2014. STSM are planned for networking activities and capacity building

Collation and analysis of the gathered data is planned for the winter of 2014 (during the last year of the project).

During the third year the following activities have been carried out:

  • WGBI-WGPS workshop Riga (LV), October 2013
  • WGPS Workshop Anavyssos (GR), November 2013
  • WGPS Workshop Oristano (IT), February 2014
  • MC Meeting Santander (ES), April 2014
  • Summer School Santander (ES), May 2014