The first year

First Year (March 2011 – June 2012)

In its first year several a new countries and Management Committee members were joining EMBOS: Russia, Cyprus, Slovenia and Turkey.

The total of individual participants in the Management Committee of EMBOS at the end of May 2012 was 40 persons. Two of these are researchers from a COST Near Neighbour Country (Russia), because of the importance of strongholds for proper observatory sites in the north-east of Europe (specifically in the White Sea).

The first activities and workshop have shown that, although the overall European coverage of the proposed EMBOS sites is pretty good, there are still a few geographic gaps as for example Norway, Arctic, and the Baltic.

In order to extend the network of observatories 7 young researchers participated in the Short Term Scientific Mission Scheme. During their STSM their main task has been to fill in the gaps in geographical coverage across Europe  by sending questionnaires to research stations to make an inventory of the research sites present,

The main successes were in the increased networking among related initiatives on marine biodiversity research (e.g. establishing links with EuroMarine and LifeWatch)

During the first year several activities have been organized:

  • Kick-off meeting Brussels (BE), March 2011
  • WGOS meeting Bremen (DE), January 2012
  • WGOS, Zandvoort (NL),  May 2012
  • MC meeting, Zandvoort (NL), May 2012