Planning and progress

The Scientific workplan

As decribed in the workplan, EMBOS has carried/will carry out the activities of the scientific workplan in chronological order: has been / will bewill consist of several activities that will focus on

  1. The selection of marine biodiversity sites to be included in the network of marine observatories (year 1 – 2).
  2. The selection of suitable, cost effective, and fit for purpose (science, management/policy making) indicators that can be implemented in the existing monitoring activities at the observatory sites (year 1-2-3).
  3. Optimization and standardization of monitoring tools/approaches for these indicators at the observatory sites (combination of 1 and 2 tested in the EMBOS Pilot Programme (year 3-4).
  4. Implementation of the EMBOS marine observatories network and an integrated monitoring strategy for marine biodiversity at several spatial scales that will facilitate indication of changes in biodiversity patterns in place and time (by the end of the Action).