The EMBOS Pilot Project

In 2014 EMBOS has carried out the EPP to test the feasibility of a standardized methodology for the sustained observation of macro-benthos of the hard- and soft substrate, and of plankton in the pelagial. The procedures for the sampling of the different habitats have been developed during a number of workshops (Riga, October 2013; Oristano, February, 2014) and resulted procedures for the sampling of: the following habitats:

  1. The hardsubstrate (rocky shores and groynes)
  2. The soft sediment substrate
  3. The soft sediment substrate of lagoons
  4. The pelagial

Several procedures for the post processing an analyses of the (sediment) samples have been produced as well.

Some figures about the first tryout:
27 participating institutes ; 16 different countries involved; 41 different locations sampled, of which 15 for the hard substrate; 12 for the soft substrate; 7 for the soft substrate in the lagoon; and 11 for the pelagial; resulting in more than 8000 species-abundance records. In 2015 the results of the first sampling have been analysed during two workshops held at HCMR Crete.
You can find an overview of the sampled locations in a table or a map.
In 2015, 21 persons/institutes proceeded with the second sampling.
At the final meeting held at Helgoland (Germany) September 2015, with the signing of a Letter of Intent, the EMBOS Pilot Project evolved in the EMBOS Sampling Programme that will facilitate the sustained observation of Marine Biodiversity of coastal areas at a pan-European scale on a yearly base. For now the data will be only available for participants of the EMBOS Sampling programme.
If you want to join EMBOS, please contact Herman Hummel (