EMBOS Facilities

ELF: EMBOS List of Facilities

This section presents an overview of the available facilities of the Institutes and laboratories of the EMBOS participants.

The are several lists:
1. A list of general facilities and services that can be provded
2. A list of general facilities that can be provided to visitors
2. A list of available equipment and large facilities
3. A list of OMICS tools
4. A list of field equipment

The lists indicate the availability of equipment, facilities and/or services that can be provided, and whether visitors can make use of it. The use/access in all cases needs to be negotiated with the owner. This list does cannot be used to demand access. The basis for this list has been provided by the EMBOS-Euromarine questionnaire. The lists are updatable. The email addresses of the contact persons for access are available on request (please contact the website administrator).