The ultimate goals of EMBOS are:

  1. to install a permanent international pan-European large-scale network of marine biodiversity observatories with an optimized and standardized methodology,
  2. to assess long-term changes in marine biodiversity and their possible causes taking into account natural and anthropogenic gradients, and
  3. to optimize novel interdisciplinary approaches for research, and to facilitate knowledge-based environmental management.

The Action enables an integrated approach to document the status of marine biodiversity at European, regional and sub-regional scales, and shall provide:

  • Assessment of the impact of biodiversity change on marine ecosystems and the services they provide
  • An early warning system for biodiversity changes
  • Quantification of long-term changes in marine biodiversity Understanding of natural and anthropogenic drivers responsible for changes.

To achieve these objectives, the Action will:

  • Liaise with MSFD descriptors to provide information to assess GES, identify gaps in knowledge, and channel ongoing research to fill those gaps
  • Improve communication between researchers and top-level environmental managers, to ensure that appropriate research is carried out and that results are communicated back in a form that is relevant to these policy makers
  • Collate, compile and make publicly available existing long-term data on biodiversity, to quantify past trends and variations in space and time
  • Improve and develop European-wide standardized methodologies at a range of spatio-temporal scales, improving links between monitoring questions, research structures and international standardization bodies
  • Facilitate a coordinated approach to produce, store and interpret marine biodiversity data